What’s In The Box?

Don’t have time to renovate and design your interior or need a little helping hand, the Designer Box is for you. We will ask you to complete a questionnaire, send us measurements and inspirational images. Then within three weeks of us receiving it, you shall receive your interior design in a box, complete with three design options, all within your budget. The rest is then back in your hands.


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What we need from you

Once you’ve purchased your box, we need a little information and work from you. It really is very easy, and all we ask is that you answer the questions honestly and take measurements as accurately as you can, so you get the best results.


Complete the Questionnaire

This will include simple questions such as the location, number and type of room and allocated budget


Take the Find My Style Test

This will allow us to better understand your style


Photograph Rooms

Photograph all walls including the floor and the ceiling in any rooms wished to be designed. Here is our guide on how to photograph rooms


Photograph and Measure Existing Furniture

Photograph and measure any furniture that you would like to be left within the design


Measure the Room and Create a Rough Drawing

Take as accurate measurements as possible, including around skirting boards, radiators, windows and sills. Here is our guide on how to measure a room.


Gather Inspirational Images

Make a collection of images that you like or inspire you


Confirm your submission on your Account

That’s it from you, now the rest is in our trusted hands and you can sit back and relax.

What We Do For you

This is our favourite part and we cannot wait to get started on your interior design. There are a few things we need to do before getting started though.


Analyze the Questionnaire

We will analyze every answer, particularly style related questions and begin to develop a design scheme for your interior.


Review your Find My Style Test

This will help us to further understand your style and requirements


Review your Inspirational Images, Measurements and Room Images

This will allow us to understand exactly what you are looking for and help us to create a personal design direction for your interior


Create Layout Plans


Create Visual Mood boards and collate any samples


Manage the timing and delivery of your Box


Your box is then ready, so you can start to get excited.

What You Receive From Us

Your box has arrived and you are ready to get started with your interior design. There will be lots of options, so ultimately you choose exactly what you would like. After all, it is your home.


Mood board Concepts

Colour and Design Concept Moodboards


3 x Layout Plans

Three layout drawings detailing the different concept layouts of your interior


1 x Sketch 3D Drawing of the Proposed Design

Concept One will be our preferred and you will have a 3D sketch to help visualize this


Document Holder

This will include a budget breakdown, list of suppliers and documentation for ordering


Fabric Samples, Paint Samples & Stationery Samples

With all the options designed specifically for you, you will now be able to start your interior design, without any of the stress.