No clue how to even begin planning your wedding? Feel like you need expert advice and knowledge but not sure your budget can cover the fees of a wedding planner? Then the weddings ‘designer box’ is exactly what you need. We uniquely design and plan your wedding, tailor-made for you, in your chosen style, all within your budget, for a fraction of the cost of a wedding planner. Delivered straight to you at home, completely stress free. If you feel like you also need help on the day, we can be there for you too.

For most, the thought of renovating is incredibly daunting, particularly without the help of an interior designer. So the interiors ‘designer box’ offers you the interior design service without the large interior designer fees, created by a qualified interior designer. So it’s exactly what you need to get that luxury interior you had always hoped for, for a fraction of the cost. Every box is bespoke and custom made for you and your lifestyle needs. Delivered straight to your door, you can complete the whole process from the comfort of your home.

Styling can really turn a house into a home, but knowing how to style a room to get the desired finish can be tricky. Not sure how you would begin to add those all important little details to your room, then the styling ‘designer box’ is just what you need. You let us know what furniture and items you would like to keep, and we add to it to create the room you always imagined it to be. The box is completely stress free, and is delivered straight to your door. If you need help placing the items you order, we can help with that too.