Lux Wedding Consultancy

£1,800 for a two hour one-to-one consultation with two 30 minute follow up phone calls, personalised checklist and budget breakdown.

One to One Consultation

Before we meet, I will send you a consultation form to fill out that will ensure we make the very most of the time we have together. We will then organise a two hour face to face consultation meeting where we will discuss all of your unanswered questions, wedding wants and needs. I will talk you through all of your options, how to get started and what you need to do to achieve your dream day. The cost includes a meeting in London, but I can travel for a small additional fee.

Follow up Phone calls

There is a lot to digest from a two hour meeting with a wedding planner, and it’s totally ok to have questions afterwards. This is why the Lux Wedding Consultancy includes two x 30 minute follow up phone calls. Of course you can use these at any time throughout your wedding planning journey. So if you need a hand later on down the line with advice for something more particular, or you would like me to suggest a supplier for something in particular, that’s absolutely fine.

Personalised Information

Not only will you leave with all the advice you need from a professional wedding planner to get you started on your own wedding planning journey. But shortly after our face to face meeting, I will also send you a bespoke and personalised budget breakdown, wedding planning timeline and checklist, as well as some of my most treasured supplier contacts relative to your needs and style. This will all be tailored to reflect our discussions throughout our initial meeting.

Lux Consultancy Cost

£1,800 for a one-to-one two hour meeting, and two 30 minute follow up phone calls.


The price includes a two hour face to face meeting in London and excludes any travel costs outside of the city and accommodation costs if required. Additional 30 minute phone calls can be added for £95 per half an hour. If you reside outside of the UK, I can still provide this extra level of service via Skype for a reduced rate of £1,500.


Victoria & Pete

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Douglas & Nicola

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Alex & Laura

In Vintage Weddings / Weddings

Nicola & Nick

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