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We offer a bespoke wedding styling service, assisting with the creation of a wedding day truly unique to you and then bringing it to life on the day itself. Whether your wedding style is characteristically romantic, innovatively modern, slightly eccentric and adventurous or anything and everything in between, our team of stylists will work closely with you to create your flawless day.


If you are typically romantic and full of surprises, a characteristically traditional and loving wedding, incorporating all of your most personal memories as a couple would be the perfect way to style your big day. Often chosen for the relaxed atmosphere and intimate style, a romantic wedding could be a simple and quaint, secluded garden party or a more elaborately planned day, featuring numerous luxury surprises and bursting with affection and loving elegant style.


For those with partners whose lives are full of excitement, an adventurous For those whose lives are full of excitement, an adventurous wedding day doesn’t have to involve jumping out of a plane, even though that can certainly be organized. If you are a craver of the unknown, an adventurous wedding day can take place both inside and in the great outdoors. From a ceremony on top of a mountain accessed via chairlift to a game of Mr and Mrs, your guests will be adorned with both quirkiness and love.


Well liked for the fashionable feel, inspired and sophisticated ideas, modern weddings are perfect for adding a touch of present day charm. . Using striking modern floral centerpieces, simplistic yet impressive lighting, clean lines and inspired sophisticated design, our wedding styling team will work with you to create the breathtaking contemporary wedding you always hoped for. Using modern day technology and emphasizing one colour, your wedding design can be focused around a contemporary chic style.

If you are still unsure of which style might be the right one for you, click through to Find My Style for valuable inspiration and to find out your dream day style


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