Turn-Key Styles

Offering a bespoke service, the design of your project is tailored to meet your needs. We will ensure that your design is exactly as you wished for it to be, whether that is within one design style or a selection of many, each element of the home renovation will reflect your chosen style. Our team of interior designers will work closely with you to ensure the design style is perfect, no matter how extravagant. Having designed interiors in a variety of styles, no amounts of style combinations are too outlandish.


Contemporary interiors are well liked for their fashionable feel and bright atmosphere, creating a sense of luxury yet with the layout of a practical home. The contemporary interior is predominately favoured for both new build properties and renovation projects, with their expanse of sumptuous textures such as marble, mirror and metallic accents. For an industrial twist, concrete floors, surfaces and side tables act as a great neutral colour base for adding a splash of striking colour.

Traditional- Vintage

A Traditional Interior does not have to be typically old fashioned, but embraces traditional values whilst sill maintaining an individual style. The design style often uses symmetry in the layout of furniture and accessories, creating an elegant focal point within the room such as a fireplace. Should you wish to maintain a little of the buildings history in a complete renovation project, you may opt for a more Vintage style by creating a sense of charm through old eclectic pieces that tie in with the new design.

Country-Shabby Chic

With new build properties and full renovation projects anything is possible. We can complete a country interior by leaving exposed brick walls, adding in wooden beams and tiling floors with appropriate stone, accessorizing with cozy rugs to create a comfortable atmosphere. Often chosen for their warming finish, the country design is focused around the family and can be achieved through attentiveness to little details. For Shabby Chic, we would pair cottage features with distressed paisley furniture.

If you are still unsure of which style might be the right one for you, click through to Find My Style for valuable inspiration and to find out your dream day style


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